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The Clippers and Pistons have agreed on a deal to trade Blake Griffin, Willie Reed, and Brice Johnson for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, a first-round and a second-round draft pick (via ESPN).快船队和活塞队完成一笔交易,快船队将布雷克·格里芬、威力·里德和布赖斯·约翰逊交易至活塞,得到托拜厄斯·哈里斯、艾弗里·布拉德利、博班·马里亚诺维奇、1个2018年首轮选秀权和1个2019年次轮选秀权。——来自EXPNNeeded a night to digest and reflect on what happened... From being a #1pick, to Lob City, to six straight Playoff appearances, I am so proud to have been part of the success of the Clippers organization. LA has been my home since I started in the league and I will be forever grateful to the city for embracing me and supporting me. To the fans, you have been awesome every step of the way. Thank you for your years of support. Now Im ready for the next chapter, getting to work and helping the Detroit Pistons make a run in the Eastern Conference.用了一晚上消化这一天所发生的事……从第一顺位被选中,到后来的空接之城,又是连续六年打进季后赛,我很荣幸可以成为这支快船的一份子,从我职业生涯开始洛杉矶就是我的家,感谢这座城市给我的支持和包容,还有球迷,你们一直都很棒,感谢你们这些年来的支持,现在我已经准备好开启新的篇章,努力帮助活塞队在东部杀出重围。Blake Griffins career w/ LAC:布雷克·格里芬的快船生涯:5X All Star. 4X All NBA. ROY (Rookie of the Year)5次入选NBA全明星阵容洛阳海尔空调售后维修
,4次入选NBA最佳阵容,赛季NBA最佳新秀。One of the games best dunkers and all-around offensive players.球场上最佳扣篮手和进攻最全面的球员之一。10,863 pts. 4,686 rbs. 2,133 asts, 484 stls, 277 blks. 51.2% FG(field goal percentage), 31.6% 3PT(3 points), 68% FT(Free throw).目前职业生涯得了10863分,4686个篮板,2133个助攻,484个抢断,277个盖帽;场均51.2%的投篮命中率,31.6%的三分球命中率,68%的罚球命中率。Good luck in Detroit, Blake Griffin!祝你的底特律好运!格里芬

When a player gets traded, (management) was doing whats best for the franchise, but when a player decides to leave, hes not loyal, hes a snake, hes not committed. Thats the narrative of how it goes....I know that firsthand. LeBron James on loyalty following the Blake Griffin trade当一名球员被交易了,那就是管理层他们做了对球队最好的事情,可是当一名球员决定离开时BSCI验厂
,那就是‘他不忠心,他是个卑劣之人,他不忠诚’。这种事情就会这样被描述。对此,我很清楚,我自己就曾经历过。——詹姆斯在谈到格里芬被交易时Andre Drummond: No longer a foe, now a true friend of the crown. Welcome to Detroit Blake Griffin!安德烈·德拉蒙德:我们现在是朋友,不再是敌人了。欢迎来到底特律,格里芬Hes gotta get a jacket. Giannis Antetokounmpo on Blake Griffin trade to Pistons“他得穿一件夹克”——字母哥在谈格里芬被交易时。(一语双关,底特律比洛杉矶冷,也暗指交易无情)Matt Barnes: So you trade this guy after paying him this much money..? When everyone in the organization everyone whos played there knows DOC IS THE PROBLEM!! Smfh cold game! Make sure you pack a jacket BG!!! Love Bro马特·巴恩斯:所以你们在给了他那么多钱之后交易了他?在快船,每个人都知道道格·里弗斯(快船主教练)才是最大的问题大额验资摆账
。这太冷酷了,祝福你,兄弟!Andre Drummond received the most voting points from NBA head coaches among Eastern Conference players who were not selected as reserves, per NBA announcement, which is why he was selected to replace John Wall.经NBA官方宣布,安德烈·德拉蒙德是东部未入选全明星替补里得到教练投票最多的球员,这是他为什么能够代替沃尔的原因。For those saying Lou Williams shouldve replaced John Wall, the NBA rules say that Adam Silver had to choose an Eastern Conference player. Even though they did the Team LeBron/Team Steph draft, replacement players still have to come from the same conference, per league rules.对于有些认为该路易斯·威廉姆斯应该代替沃尔的说法,据NBA的规则,亚当·席尔瓦需要选择一名来自东部的球员。不管他在詹姆斯队还是库里队,代替的球员都需要来至同一个区,这是联盟的规则。Drummond was selected because had the most voting points from NBA coaches out of Easter Conference players who werent selected as reserves, reports USA Today Sports Jeff Zillgitt.德拉蒙德能够入选是因为他是东部未入选全明星球员里得到教练投票最多的球员。今日美国NBA杰夫报He is averaging 14.3 points and 15.0 rebounds. He was a 2016 All-Star. Drummond had previously reacted to the initial reserve selection on Twitter.德拉蒙德场均14.3分,15个篮板。他是2016年的全明星球员。德拉蒙德先前已经在推特上发表了对于最开始的替补选择的看法。The Pistons center was openly irritated after being initially snubbed from the team. And, honestly, he had legitimate reason to be. Drummond is leading the league with a career-high 15.1 rebounds per game and has been the fulcrum on the Pistons offense averaging a caree—high 3.8 assists per game.活塞队的中锋对于球队的冷落曾公开表示不满。但老实说,他有资格这样做。德拉蒙德以职业生涯新高的场均15.1个篮板领跑全联盟,并且是活塞队进攻方面的一个关键点—还有职业生涯新高的场均3.8次助攻。Guess I gotta start doing back flips after every point I score to get attention around here!我想我会在每得一分后做一个后空翻来引起关注!